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"Help your children discover who they are and more importantly who they can become. Life's Six Buckets asks the right questions to make conscious the road to a meaningful life." 

- Dr. John Ratey, author of Spark

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Life's Six Buckets will:

  • Increase your child's chances of becoming their best self
  • Teach you real-life skills for improving your life
  • Be a great 30 minutes spent with your loved one

Life's Six Buckets will also:

  • Shatter common beliefs and reveal why your parents got it wrong
  • Show you how to avoid the most common mistakes adults make
  • Uncover the hidden why's that steer YOUR life

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Life's Six Buckets

  Kid Approved! Over a million hours worth of science made to improve
your chances at leading a fulfilled life.

Life's Six Buckets is the kids book every adult should read.  We have so much more opportunity to learn life-skills that can help us understand the nature of our decision making. This is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

Jenn - Millennial Mom and Professional

"Your daughter is very lucky!  We have so much education for academics and virtually none for living a flourishing life!"

Professor ED DIENER - Author of Happiness and International Differences in Well-Being with Daniel Kahneman

One of the coolest things is Life's 6 Buckets, because the 6 Buckets will make your life more fulfilled by thinking about them daily. 

Wendy - Grade 6 Student

About the Book

Life’s Six Buckets: The Fulfillment Source Code Human Edition quickly became a number one bestseller on Amazon. Life’s Six Buckets offers young people more than a million hours-worth of compiled scientific know-how in neurology, biology, psychology, genetics, and nutrition in a colorful and fun, easy to read and resonate format. It is a colorful, adventure style book which gives children the opportunity to take advantage of the Fulfillment Source Code’s “PhDs to KiDs” learning experience. 

Life’s Six Buckets is honed-in on the needs of young people. The material is given in a lively format that children as young as 8 - years old can enjoy and learn from. 

Life’s Six Buckets is a thought provoking adventure of emotional self-perception. It is the first step on a carefully designed journey, known as The Fulfillment Source Code course, intended to equip young people with tools and skills needed to empower them with the ability to create a life for themselves that is happier and more fulfilled. When applied, the fundamentals of Life’s Six Buckets can improve their lives and shape the way they process the world giving participants the opportunity to become their best selves. 

Life’s Six Buckets answers: The big WHY’s, clearing the path to understanding, to Know Better. The big HOW’s, teaching us how to take this wisdom and incorporate these new skills and habits in our daily lives, to Do Better. 

Through this, Life’s Six Buckets helps us on our individual and shared journeys of Becoming Better.