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We are building the Fulfillment Source Code to be a complimentary education tool to empower educators to help kids to lead a life more fulfilled. The educators we work with have stressed the importance of having access to a program they can use in the classroom that provides life-skills focused tools and concepts their students need.

What do you need?

What are the best methods we can adopt to make this useable for you, the educator. Do you need an interactive website? Apps? Printouts? Guidebooks? Tell us what you need so we can make it happen.

What are your suggestions?

 The FSC combines the latest in neurology, biology, psychology, nutrition, and genetics; presented in a way kids enjoy. What are we missing? 

Will you review our material?

What have you found to be the best format for kids to absorb information? Sam Goodman, the founder of the FSC, has worked with educators, psychologists and game developers while creating our content. Would you be willing to review what we have and give us your much needed and appreciated feedback?

If you are willing to join us on our mission to empower kids to lead a life-fulfilled please subscribe to FSC Educators.


Grade 6 Teacher

FSC gives students the opportunity to understand the world around them, why things work the way they do and what they can do to make themselves and the world a better place.