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Our Story

The Fulfillment Source Code (FSC).

Hi. My name is Sam Goodman. 

I’m a dad and a serial entrepreneur.
I started this project around my daughter’s 10th birthday while I was in-between projects and looking for something in that sweet spot of making a difference & making a living.

​While as I was actively researching… watching, reading, listening and interviewing impactful subjects: I came across a TON of really cool pieces of info, I wanted to share with my daughter; all stuff I wished I knew when I was 10.

​​I think like all parents, we want our kids to live life to the fullest, be positive, be kind, and have a grand adventure while learning from the inevitable bumps and bruises along the way.

​Unfortunately, we simply don’t learn such “life fulfillment skills” in school. 
Back when I was a kid… The usual path was 12-16 years of study, then graduating thinking we know what we need to do…but after just a few years, life has knocked us around pretty good. Some may turn to self-help, others self-medicate; trying to fix what they think is, ‘broken’.

​I wanted my daughter to take a different path and so, over about 2 years, I’ve compacted 100’s of experts (see some below), literally a millions of hours of scientific work and worked them into fun stories and cool ideas a 10-year-old can understand and activities they actually want to do. 
We’ve just ‘graduated’ the first Fulfillment Source Code class… and with about 20 hours of class time over 3 months, we think it went well, but don’t take my word for it, let the kids tell you.

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