Ok… then what?

We live in a simulation.

Elon Musk and Joe Rogan discuss whether we are living in a simulation or that we are on our way to creating and living in a simulation, like Ready Player One.

Elon Musk makes the comment that simulations are more fun/better than reality.

So the simulations will become more desired than reality.

Let’s, for the moment, imagine that you ARE connected to the ultimate reality game.

  • You wake up in a bed that is yourperfect bed.
  • You are surrounded by people and pets that love you.
  • You have all the coolest, most amazing stuff you love.
  • You eat only the most amazingly delicious foods (because by then the technology will be able to directly tweak your taste buds and at the same time keep your gut biome at optimal state (just go with this for a moment)
  • Youstill have to go to the bathroom, but that too is the ultimate experience (pretty sure those machines already exist in Japanese airports)
 You spend your day having adventures and experiencing the ultimate reality.

In short, the BEST of everyone’s Instagramfeeds, will be your life.


You know… that will soon become… ‘normal’.

Ok… THEN what?

Generally speaking, humans seek pleasure and avoid pain. (There is definitely more to life than that and we’ll get to that.)

Yet, ultimately we are limited to what the brain and the body can handle.

  • We can only eat so much.
  • We can only have so much sex.
  • We can only do so much.

Ultimately YOU (the brain/body) have needs and desires and limits. You have capabilities and you have potentials.

Yourperception of experiences, real or imagined, and how YOU reactto your experiences produce your “feelings/emotions” through neurochemicals.

All humans are unique, and are also 99.9 % genetically identical.

We are far more similar than we are different.

Simply put, WHY-we-do-what-we do - our feelings, needs, motivations, desires and drives - boils down to 6 Buckets; the core WHYs of human experience.

If you’re interestedto KNOW YOUR WHYs – take a few minutes and take this quiz/game - free.

SPOILER ALERT – if you continue reading, the game won’t be as effective.

Quick Note:

Humans can have the same 6 core WHYs,yet still beindividuallyunique, because:

  • Your WHYs can differ in their order/priority
  • The HOW you live your life (religions, cultures, etc) can be different
  • The WHATs you do to satisfy your WHYsare uniquely yours(akaactions we do to fill your buckets)…

A fulfilled life is about balancing your 6 Buckets and everyone needs to take care of all six buckets.

You probably know of someone with loads of money, who appears to ‘have it all’, or maybe someone who is extremely successful in their field… and yet, they are not fulfilled.

The chances are that theyhave been focused on filling their top 1 or 2 buckets and as a result, the chances are pretty good, that 1 of their buckets is being neglected.

A neglected bucket is an empty bucket… and when one of your buckets is empty, youfeelempty.

The fact of the matter is, we have all grown up indoctrinated with repetitive advertisements selling their individual solutions (a home, a car, new clothes etc), but the truth is, a fulfilled life is notmade filling just one bucket…

So what are the core WHYs every human has,aka Life’s 6 Buckets?

LAST CHANCE to discover your WHYs/Buckets

Life’s 6 Buckets*

  • Everybody needs to feel safe.
  • Everyone needs to have some fun (feel good).
  • Everyone needs to feel they matter. (significance)
  • Everyone needs to feel connected.
  • Everyone needs to feel they are growing as a person.
  • Everyone needs to feel that they are making the world a better place.

PLUS since we do not live in a vacuum, ourliveshappen in relation to others. 

  • There isMe.
  • There isWe - family and friends.
  • There is All - everyone else.

Just about everything we do and all the experienceswe have,falls within a 6 by 3 chart.

It looks like this…Life’s 6 Bucketsand Me | We | All

Just in case you look at that and think, ‘That’s Complicated’.

Simply… playing video games alone… can be fun.

Yes, it can be fun and fun is good.

Think of Fun and Happiness as a subset of Fulfillment and this chart is about fulfillment.

  • You know instinctively an experience canfill more than one box.
  • Playing video games with a friend may be both Fun for Me & We. It may also tick the Connection box and if you are getting into something new, Growth is ticked and if you are helping the friend, Significance is being ticked.
  • We also know that not all experiences are equal.
  • While you certainly can have fun on your own, science shows over and over again, happiness lasts longer and feels deeper when you are doing something for or with someone else. aka focusing on more than the ‘me-right-now’.

Thin99k of it like this:

  • When you do something for yourself, in the ‘now’, you feel good. 1
  • When you do something that helps your future self or potentially others, you feel even better and usually longer… because there are additional neurochemicals involved and you tend to think about it afterwards, which is like a 2nd wave of goodness. 2 s
  • The s grow exponentially when we are doing something with or for others, and even more when the “greater-good” is part of the mix.

I believe deep down, we all know this… but between the constant advertising bombardment and our desire for life to just be “simple”, too often people get fixated on their favorite bucket andtrapped into thinking they just need one more… whatever… THEN, they’ll be happy.

Life is simply not that simple.

So just to bring this back… a perfect virtual reality/simulation/Instagram-highlight-reel-life, may bring some short-term happiness, but not fulfillment.

To lead a truly fulfilling life, one first must know there are 6 buckets and then realize fulfillment requires balancing all your buckets.

How different would your life lookif you knew this from age 10?

It can start by taking 3 minutes/day.

Simplyask your child or friend what they did that filled the most buckets. 

Just doing that…

  • Strengthens the awareness to balance all 6 buckets,
  • The reflection gives you a shot of gratitude happiness and
  • The conversation itself … shows you care.

Go ahead… you got this**.

* Life’s 6 Buckets is derived from a number of sources but of special note, Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, Tony Robbins’s 6 Human Needs and Simon Sinek’s Start with your Why.

** Balancing your buckets is simply not neglecting one or more. You do NOT need to fill every bucket, all the time.

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