Educating and Empowering Kids to Lead a Life Fulfilled

Every Child Deserves Fulfillment 

The FSC makes the latest in neurology, biology, psychology, genetics and nutrition

(a million+ hours of scientific data) into a fun adventure for kids.

Empowering your kids to lead a fulfilled life.

Kids Should Know Their Fundamental WHYs

Know Your Why

Everyone, past basic survival, has ‘6 Buckets’ and humans are hardwired with a need to attend to each one (personal priorities differ). Learn why we have them and how to balance your 'buckets'. 

Become Your BEST Self 

Imagine something that increases your confidence or makes your life 5% better or you 7% smarter or enhances your performance by 34%!…. Discover these and so much more!

Better Understand Others

See how all you learn about yourself, applies to everyone else. Also how to avoid toxic behavior, the truth about teamwork, PLUS the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. 

Take that 1st teeny step

The Fulfillment Source Code Offers...


  • Keys to a fun and adventure filled life – all theirs.
  • Stuff their parents WISH they knew when they were 10.


  • Tools to empowering your kids to lead a life fulfilled.
  • An adventure with a million hours worth of hard science, packed into kid-approved content.


  • For those who wish they were taught “Life Fulfillment 101” in school.
  • The latest in neurology, biology, psychology, nutrition and more... in an easy to absorb format – that will make your life better.

What They Say About The Fulfillment Source Code

One of the coolest things is Life's 6 Buckets, because the 6 Buckets will make your life more fulfilled by thinking about them daily. 

Grade 6 Student


FSC gives students the opportunity to understand the world around them, why things work the way they do and what they can do to make themselves and the world a better place

Grade 6 Teacher


After my child took the FSC course, she would often bring up topics that surprised me. FSC is a very good addition to the classroom.

Grade 6 Parent

Jo - Catherine's mom

Give your child skills

Life-fulfillment skills

Enjoy over 1,000,000 hours worth of hard science from the world’s top scientists and professors to increase your kids' chances to lead a life fulfilled.

Everyone learns how to
Increase your chances for fulfillment

The Better the Machine -
The Better the Chances To Win.

The Better You Know HOW the Machine Functions - Greatly increases your Chances to Win

The Better You Operate the Machine - The Greater the Chances to Win.

The Better You Know the Environment the Machine is to be Used - The Better the Chances to Win.


THEIR #1 Piece of Hardware – THE BRAIN

  • Why your brain is more suitable for life 50,000 years ago
  • How your brain is like a jungle & how learning creates a path through your brain-jungle
  • Why many pathways come pre-installed (factory settings) & why some ancient survival tactics unfortunately work against us now.


  • Why 95% of brain activity happens automatically & Why our SUPERPOWER is to adapt & How we interact w/the world actually physically changes our brain.



  • Why they have 2 operating systems, How their “Horse & Rider” interacts & How to improve the connection between them
  • Why just about EVERYONE is ruled by ‘Invisible Factors’ (factory settings aka cognitive biases) & How these Factory Settings can be used AGAINST YOU                     

Plus -

  • Why your growth lies outside your comfort zone & How incredibly helpful failure can be.


THEIR Brain-Mind-Body Connection (it works both ways)

  • Why & How to use the body to influence your mind and therefore your brain.
    • Like how to calm down when too excited, or
    • How to boost your energy when tired, or 
    • How to change negative nervousness into positive excitement. 
    • How to improve their focus & How to create winning habits.


  • Techniques previously only used by professional athletes & How they can be used by them too.

Don’t tell the kids, but they’ll learn 

  • About neurons and neurochemicals
  • About their gut biome
  • About cognitive biases
  • That knowing some Latin phrases is pretty cool
  • How to create winning habits – like making your bed and cleaning your room.
  • Why eating real food (more Fruits & Vegetables)
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Parents might also learn

  • Why too much homework isn’t helpful
  • Why starting with FUN is the key to building your kid’s grit.
  • Why letting your kids sleep in.
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Give your child life-fulfillment skills  

Enjoy over 1,000,000 hours worth of hard science from the world’s top scientists and professors to increase your chances to lead a life fulfilled.

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